Engineering solutions

Measurement Systems

With the focus upon more and more remote access for instruments and data distribution into automated operational field centres, a key focus is still to gather special data of paramount importance both from a production and optimisation point of view in order to develop assets in an optimum manner.

More important is from a safety point of view to control and gather data. Our assets are available, however vulnerable for a number of reasons relating to oil and gas production.

Within OBAR AS Engineering and Development group we have focused on some key parameter packages for customers. Due to nature of each customer’s requirements we encourage measurement systems both in the traditional method and of Special Applications for “retrofit” into existing infrastructure.

  • Taylor made measurement systems for Operating Companies for
  • Tubing Casing Leak detection
  • Pipeline Integration Monitoring
  • Subsurface Measurement Packages
  • Subsea XT, Marine Riser and BOP Measurement Packages
  • Autonomous Remote Logging Packages (Surface)
  • Customised Logging Packages
  • Data Storage and Distribution

All systems are focusing on Real Time Measurement and Data Base storage into customer existing application infrastructure or Separate Data Storage and Distribution packages are offered.


An understanding of system specifications for analysing the measurement principle is of key parameter in all development programmes. In OBAR we focus on identification and usage of the right standards to implement the respective solution. With the right understanding of the processes involved the system may be optimised for the right governing regulations.

Safety Standards

We focus on international ISO 9001 – 2008 standard as the base of our engineering, documentation and manufacturing services.

API Standards

Standards and Interpretation of API Regulations for Oil and Gas Applications required for different environments.

Electrical standards

Standards and Interpretation of International Regulations for Oil and Gas Applications.

Norway: NEMCO
Hazardeous Area: EEx Requirements

System design Requirements:

  • System Definitions
  • Manufacturing and testing requirements
  • Measurement specifications:
  • Monitoring, logging and instrumentation systems
  • Computation and communication interfacing requirements
  • Computer based electronics and Autonomous Surfaces Systems
  • For Real time systems

Environmental Standards

Governmental Standards for operational areas
NACE MR-0175 for Sour Services
API Standards for subsea/drilling/vessels.

Manufacturing Standards

All manufacturing is completed by subcontractors adhering to the required ISO standard.