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BOP RAM Positioning Monitoring -
FOU Project Phase I completed with JIP between Statoil and North Atlantic Drilling.
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Distribution and cooperation
agreement for Wireless Real
Time Data Monitoring...
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Preferred vendor for Fibreoptical equipment

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OBAR AS focuses on services related to operators and service companies who's mission is to best possible fully understand and develop their Assets. In this topic the system integration often evolves from understanding the methodology behind Reservoir and Process Monitoring relating to Real time Processes.

Today a modern terminology is the use of "e-Field concept" with the principal aim of enhancing the Recovery of hydrocarbons in place. Key personnel in OBAR has more than 14 years experience in system definitions and implementation solutions of automated surveillance with real time monitoring systems.

The Usage of data:

- Turning data into valuable information and operational use.
- Implementation of measured data into a production optimisation perspective.
- System integration into Real Time Data Centres.

Project Management:

- Project Management / participating in teams studying topics as listed below.

Completion / Well Systems with Monitoring

- Smart Wells Configurations and conceptual design.
- Conventional wells with permanent monitoring system configuration
- Leak detection systems
- Subsea Well Interpretation and set up
- Subsea Hydroacoustic System definitions
- Subsea Integration Methodology for Monitoring purposes
- Fiber Optic Measurement System
- Well Integration and Well Barrier Measurements

Reservoir Services:

•  Interpretation and usage of downhole data
•  Economic Evaluation of downhole methods
•  Optimum Tool selection and position
•  IPR and History Matching techniques
•  Fluid Evaluation Methods
•  Analysis tool packages

Surface Measurements:
•  Fiber Optic Pipeline survey for leak detection
•  Integration of Data Management into Scada systems
•  Workflow Optimisation.
•  Leak detection systems

Courses and Lecturing:
•  Guest Lecturing in selected reservoir and Subsea application topics for Companies and Educational Institutions.

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