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BOP RAM Positioning Monitoring -
FOU Project Phase I completed with JIP between Statoil and North Atlantic Drilling.
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Distribution and cooperation
agreement for Wireless Real
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Preferred vendor for Fibreoptical equipment

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New distribution and cooperation agreement

The newly started Stavanger based Reservoir Design and Service Company OBAR AS has signed a distribution and cooperation agreement with ZENCUS Ltd of England, a major frontrunner in EEX approved wireless real time data sampling (RTDS) solution provider.

The concept of real-time data sampling is often related to a great deal of cabling and instrumentation issues limiting the instrumentation on existing installations. Retrofit on "live" platforms require often extensive shut-in periods in order to safely install new instruments. This is therefore a cost / benefit exercise and may not be possible or economical to implement.

ZENCUS Ltd a leading developer, producer and distributor of wellhead and process monitoring systems which set standards for quality, ease of use and durability has extensive experience in this field of business. As one of the few companies in the world with EEX approved equipment for Hazardous operation in can sit in explosive platform and process environment.

The system can sample a high number of individual recordings at user defined intervals and all be automatically remotely stored and organised in databases adapted for platform process and platform systems (SCADA). Alarm systems tracks all deviations form normal behaviour.
The system is at present designed for Pressure, Temperature and flow at high accuracy levels required in the process Oil and gas Industry.

The most benefits for operators is the lack of cabling for the units (battery driven with long life cycle) - hence it enable cost efficient sampling in areas before not considered economical justifiable. It hence offers reservoir engineers, key decision makers and safety personnel with vital information for daily operation and minimises manual intervention.

"The representation of ZENCUS System is of significant importance for OBAR, as we now offer services to provide complete measurement packages Process and Transport Applications" says Principal Owner and CEO Ottar Barsnes. This integrates into the aim of providing high quality real-time measurement system for process and wellhead area applications.

"The introduction of ZENCUS suite of tools enable us to undertake complete solutions for realtime process and flow measurements for Surface based Wellhead and Choke systems, Pipeline systems, and process plant and distribution system. The system has wide application as warning and detection system for accurate process measurements of pressure, temperature and flow "OBAR will represent ZENCUS for all products relating to Oil and Gas activities in Norway and follow Norwegian clients working overseas.

OBAR are currently engaged in designing special SMART WELL solutions for major a international service company / Major Operator and involved in design of special monitoring applications for remotely high pressure control. OBAR has distribution agreement for real time data sampling systems utilising Fibre Optical recording principles for pipeline system surveillance.


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