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BOP RAM Positioning Monitoring -
FOU Project Phase I completed with JIP between Statoil and North Atlantic Drilling.
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agreement for Wireless Real
Time Data Monitoring...
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Preferred vendor for Fibreoptical equipment

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Preferred Vendor for Fiberoptical Equipment

Obar continue to use Smartec as preferred vendor on selected
Fibre Optical work for Oil and Gas Projects

SMARTEC SA a leading developer, producer and distributor of structural health monitoring systems which set standards for quality, ease of use and durability has more than 15 years experience.

SMARTEC SA was founded in 1996 as a start-up, resulting from the development of the SOFO monitoring system at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL).

SMARTEC offer among other products solutions for:
- Civil engineering, (bridges, buildings, dams, nuclear plants),
- Geotechnical Engineering (geostructures, tunnels, roads, railways, landslides, harbours etc)
- Oil & Gas Industry (Production, process and transport systems)

In 2000 the company became official distributor of DiTeSt system, DiTemp system and 3DeMoN system. In 2001 SMARTEC SA in-sourced the production of SOFO sensors in its own facility in Manno and enlarged its offering of engineering, support and training services.

"The cooperation with SMARTCE System is of significant importance for OBAR, as we plan to expand services to provide complete measurement packages Process and Transport Applications" says Principal Owner and CEO Ottar Barsnes.  "The introduction of SMARTEC suite of tools enable us to undertake complete solutions for Online Leakage and Strain measurements for Pipeline systems, Marine Riser Systems and process plant and distribution system.  The system has wide application as warning and detection system for accurate leakage detection and includes both absolute leakage and exact location of leakage."

OBAR will use SMARTEC as one of our prime suppliers of fibreoptical products relating to Oil and Gas activities in Norway from wellhead to end of process network for all projects started from Norway.

SMARTEC has developed and commercialised the SOFO technology based on interferometric fiber optic sensors.

Research and development during the past years have enlarged the product range based on this technology.

The SOFO technology is particularly suited to monitor and quantify deformations, continuously and automatically, for the long and short terms. The SOFO sensors are fiber optic deformation sensors which can be embedded in concrete or surface mounted. To the sensors are added the fiber optic cables, measurement systems and software management and analysis. The SOFO system is ideal for the monitoring of all types of structures, including off-shore systems.

Over the last few years, the new spread strategy and collaboration with other leading developers have led to the integration, distribution and commercialisation of new monitoring systems based on different technologies:

· DiTeSt-Brillouin system: distributed temperature & strain monitoring by means of a single optical fibre. Ideal for long range monitoring, offring a range of 30 to 150 km.

- DiTeMp-Raman system: distributed temperature monitoring by means of a single
optical fibre

· MuST: Fiber Bragg Gratings sensors for static and dynamic measurements

· 3 DeMoN-GPS system : 3 dimensional movement monitoring system based on GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.

Smartec - a Rocktest Group Company



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